SDP-008-1 (Strategic Development Plan)
 Tayplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan
 07 Jun 2016
 TAYplan Strategic Development Planning Authority
 Site Inspection, Further Written Submission, Hearing
 Decision issued
 Smith, Morag (Tel: 0131 244 8173 - Email:
 Mr Stephen Hall
 Ms Sinead Lynch
 08 Mar 2017
 11 Oct 2017 (Plan Adopted with Modifications)
 Development Plan (Strategic),
The following link provides further information on Current Development Plan examinations and upcoming oral sessions.

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Date Sent/Received Date of Publication Type of Publication Submitting Party Document Name Size
11 Oct 2017 12 Oct 2017 Decision Notice Scottish Ministers Letter approving plan with modifications 0.22MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Appointment of Reporter Advising of appointment of reporter - to TAYplan 0.07MB (URL Details)
07 Apr 2022 Report DPEA Table of reporter's recommendations by issue 0.03MB (URL Details)
17 Jun 2016 Documents List List of Documents 0.06MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Documents Submission letter to DPEA from TAYplan - 07 June 2016 0.04MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Documents Who commented on what & where 0.11MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Documents Report of Conformity with Participation Statement 2.39MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Schedule 4 001 Vision &Transformational Projects Map 0.15MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Schedule 4 002 Policy 1 Location Priorities - Settlement Hierarchy - Named Settlements 0.18MB (URL Details)
16 Jun 2016 Schedule 4 003 Policy 1A Location Priorities - Settlement Hierarcy - Policy Principle 0.20MB (URL Details)

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