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The DPEA Division of the Scottish Government plays an important role in the Planning Appeals system in Scotland. The DPEA is responsible for the administration of over 20 different types of casework.

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Contact DPEA:
Phone: 0300 244 6668


The guidance below provides information on different aspects of the planning process:
How to Appeal Guidance
Appeal Forms and Authority Response Forms
Guidance on Taking Part in Appeals and Other Cases
Local Development Plan Guidance
Reporters Guidance Notes
Other Case Work
Core Documents Library
Website Guidance, including DPEA Portal user guidance
Challenging a DPEA Decision

Live and archived DPEA webcasts and guidance videos are available to view on our Webcasting Site.

Once a decision is made, the majority of case documentation will remain on our website for up to 7 years from the date the decision is made to provide resource material on the SG decision making process. After 7 years most documents will be removed but the initial appeal or application documentation, the decision issued by DPEA and other selected key documentation will be retained for 30 years as deemed necessary in the public interest. Copies of archived decision notices can be sought by consulting with the National Library.

DPEA's Privacy Notice is available on the Scottish Government Website.

Planning, Architecture and Regeneration Decisions Branch (PARD) processes a wide range of statutory planning and historic environment casework that Scottish Ministers have an interest in. The range of case types includes: notified applications, compulsory purchase orders and EIA screening directions.

Contact PARD:
Phone: 0131 244 7073

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Latest News

  • 28June

    community involvement in DPEA planning appeals vid

    The DPEA recently took part in a training session organised by the Scottish Community Councils regarding community involvement in DPEA planning appeals. This session DPEA Planning Appeals training (for community groups incl. community councils) has been made available on YouTube for those that wish to view.

  • 17June

    Change to Privacy Notice

    Following a review of our publication policies, webcast recordings will remain available for viewing up to 7 years after the decision has been made. Our privacy notice has been updated to reflect this change....

  • 23May

    Monthly Server Downtime

    On the first Friday of every month the DPEA Portal and website will be down for system maintenance between 7:00 & 9:00 am....

  • 02April

    Method of Determination Targets

    From 1st April 2024 the targets for the determination/consideration of valid appeals and other cases received on or after this date have been rationalised. The updated targets enable reporters and appeal parties to focus on meeting an achievable target whilst also offering a more realistic and predictable timeframe. The ‘no further procedure’ and ‘site inspection’ routes have been amalgamated under a new ‘written submission’ category which increases flexibility and facilitates more agile working...

  • 17August

    DPEA Website Guidance Videos

    Guidance videos on how to use the website and search facilities are now available on the DPEA's webcasting site Please contact us if you have any suggestions on further guidance videos required...

  • 17August

    Multifactor Authentication

    Please note that multifactor authentication is required to access the case portal. Guidance on setting it up for your account and managing it is available -