LDP-110-2 (Local Development Plan)
 Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan
 06 Nov 2015
 Aberdeenshire Council (2015/0040155)
 Site Inspection, Further Written Submission, Hearing
 Decision issued
 Anderson, Jayne (Tel: 0131 244 6934 - Email: jayne.anderson@gov.scot)
 Ms Allison Coard
 Mr Michael Shiel, Mr Rob Huntley, Mr Christopher Warren, Mr Robert Maslin
 06 Aug 2016
 17 Apr 2017 (Plan Adopted with Modifications)
 Development Plan (Local),
The following link provides further information on Current Development Plan examinations and upcoming oral sessions.
Date Sent/Received Date of Publication Type of Publication Submitting Party Document Name Size
21 Dec 2016 21 Dec 2016 Report DPEA Examination Report 3MB Bookmark (URL Details)
21 Dec 2016 21 Dec 2016 Report DPEA Table of reporter's recommendations by issue 226KB Bookmark (URL Details)

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