LDP-190-1 (Local Development Plan)
 Alteration to the east ayrshire local plan
 17 Nov 2009
 East Ayrshire Council
 Site Inspection, Further Written Submission, Hearing
 Court of Session Decision Issued
 Archibald, Brian (Tel: 0131 244 8263 - Email: Brian.Archibald@gov.scot)
 Miss Janet McNair
 Mr Scott Ferrie, Mr Richard Dent, Mr Richard Bowden
 17 Aug 2010
 26 Oct 2010 (Plan Adopted with Modifications)
 02 Sep 2011
 Development Plan (Local),
The following link provides further information on Current Development Plan examinations and upcoming oral sessions.
The decision for this case remains on the web site because the decision issued by DPEA has not been overturned, and judgements can be found on Court of Session’s website.
Date Sent/Received Date of Publication Type of Publication Submitting Party Document Name Size
22 Jun 2010 Report LDP-190-1 - DP_Report - Alteration to East Ayrshire Local Plan Report - sent 16 June 2010 3MB Bookmark (URL Details)

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