PPA-230-2178 (Planning Permission Appeal)
 New Parliament House, 5-7 Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5BL
 Change Of Use, Alterations To And Restoration Of Principal Former Royal High School Building And Pavilions (Original Thomas Hamilton-Designed School Buildings), Demolition Of Ancillary Buildings Including The Former Gymnasium Block And Lodge, New Build Development, New/Improved Vehicular, Service And Pedestrian Accesses, Landscaping, Parking, Public Realm And Other Works To Create A World Class Hotel Of International Standing With Associated Uses (Including Publicly Accessible Bars (Public House
 Planning permission
 17 Mar 2016
 City of Edinburgh Council (15/03989/FUL), City of Edinburgh Council (15/03989/FUL)
 03 Sep 2015
 18 Dec 2015
 Duddingston House Properties and Urbanist Hotels
 Mr Gordon Steele QC
 Refusal of Application
 Site Inspection, Inquiry, Hearing
 Allocated to reporter
 Kerr, Liz (Tel: 0131 244 6945 - Email: Liz.Kerr@scot.gov.uk)
 Mr Scott Ferrie
 Mr Dannie Onn
 11 May 2018
 01 Feb 2018
 25 Dec 2017
 *Case update 3 September 2019* The public inquiry commenced at Tynecastle Stadium on 18 September. Inquiry session 1 was completed on 16 October. Inquiry session 2 was completed on 19 October. The inquiry concluded with the hearing session on conditions on 23 October. All sessions of the inquiry can be viewed on the webcasting page at https://dpea.public-i.tv/core/portal/home . Closing statements have been submitted and all written exchanges are complete. The reporters thereafter expect to submit their reports to Scottish Ministers in Autumn 2019.
 Building Alterations (non-householder), Demolition, Car park, Landscaping, Hotel/Visitor Accommodation , Restaurant/Cafe/Licensed Premises,
Date Sent/Received Date of Publication Type of Publication Submitting Party Document Name Size
03 Sep 2019 03 Sep 2019 General Correspondence DPEA to agent - CMS Update on timescale for issue of reports 203KB Bookmark (URL Details)
29 Jul 2019 29 Jul 2019 General Correspondence DPEA and Jaime Alberdi Sáenz-Diez Exchange regarding availability of transcripts of inquiry sessions 199KB Bookmark (URL Details)
20 Apr 2018 23 Apr 2018 Procedure Notice DPEA Procedure Notice No. 2 - advising of Inquiry sessions 502KB Bookmark (URL Details)
09 Jan 2018 10 Jan 2017 Claim for Expenses Party claiming expenses - Fred Mackintosh, Advocat Application for removal of sist and claim for award of expenses 125KB Bookmark (URL Details)
17 Nov 2017 17 Nov 2017 General Correspondence DPEA to Val Corbett MACCS 2017-0041352 - response from DPEA to Val Corbett 87KB Bookmark (URL Details)
09 Nov 2017 17 Nov 2017 General Correspondence Val Corbett MACCS 2017-0041352 - email to First Minister from Val Corbett 9KB Bookmark (URL Details)
09 Oct 2017 09 Oct 2017 General Correspondence DPEA to interested party - James Cook Exchange with James Cook regarding availability of PEM webcast 77KB Bookmark (URL Details)
14 Sep 2017 14 Sep 2017 General Correspondence DPEA - to agent - CMS Cameron McKenna LLP advising cases will be kept on hold until new appeals are submitted 65KB Bookmark (URL Details)
14 Sep 2017 14 Sep 2017 General Correspondence DPEA - to authority attaching copy of correspondence sent to CMS Cameron McKenna LLP 65KB Bookmark (URL Details)
12 Sep 2017 13 Sep 2017 General Correspondence agent - CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP advising they intent to lodge new appeals 157KB Bookmark (URL Details)

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